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Criminal Defense Legal Fee Information

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When you’re facing criminal charges, there’s a lot of unknown variables that you have to worry about. Part of my job as a criminal defense attorney is to eliminate the unknown aspects of your case and help ease your burdens. That’s why I am transparent about how much I charge clients for the legal services offered at Coontz Law.

Before you scroll down to look at the numbers, you need to know the following things:

  • I charge flat fees, not an hourly rate: This is not a retainer, it is my fee. I don’t want you to pay for the time I spend sitting down, doing practically nothing in a court room (this happens a lot). I also want to be incentivized to produce a good result for you as quickly as I can. I want to provide value to you and your family during this difficult time, which often means getting things done fast so you can get on with your life. When your case requires a lot of work on my end, I don’t want you to find a surprise invoice asking for money you thought was already paid.
  • These numbers are not set in stone: There are a few factors that can move the price of your legal services up or down. Examples of things that can make the cost go up include: possible sentencing enhancers, multiple victims, unusually complex legal issues, your case is outside the Greater Lansing Area, etc. The price can be adjusted downward if I think there is good reason to do so.
  • These fees are almost all-inclusive for your criminal case: If your case goes to trial, there is a separate fee. I do this because most cases never get to trial and I don’t want you to pay for something you’re not going to get.
  • I offer payment plans in most cases: Half up front, and reasonable monthly payments after that. That is the standard, but I can make exceptions. In some cases, I will require full payment up front.
  • Any time you’re paying a lawyer, you’re paying more than you think you ought to: I recognize this, which is why I try to keep my fees reasonable. Feel free to kick the tires with some other attorneys, but I think you’ll find my rates are within the norm, if not lower than other criminal defense lawyers.

Below is a list of what I charge for the criminal defense cases my law firm handles:

  • Murder: $20,000
  • Class A felony (up to life in prison): $15,000
  • Class B felony (up to 20 years in prison): $10,000
  • Class C/D felony (up to 15/10 years in prison): $7,500
  • Class E/F/G/H felonies (up to 5/4/2/1 years in prison): $5,000
  • Most misdemeanors: $1,000–$2,000
  • First-offense OWI: $2,000
  • Second-offense OWI: $2,500
  • Traffic tickets (civil infractions only): $350
  • License restoration: $2,000
  • Expungement (depending on the nature of the crime being expunged): $1,000–$2,500
  • Gun-rights & CPL restorations or appeals: $1,000
  • Criminal appeals (depending on the nature of the appeal): $5,000+

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